Popular attractions in the Garden Route

The Garden Route of South Africa has a large number of attractions, activities & safari options available. Here is just a small sample, contact us with your interests and let us create a perfect itinerary just for you!

Safari Game Drives

Head out in an open Game vehicle in search of the Big 5 as well as to see the multiple of Southern Africa’s antelope species as well as the possibility to see other mammals such as Giraffe, Hippo and numerous other small creatures.

Animal adventures

Join on a day of fun where you can interact and get up close and personal with Cheetahs or another smaller species of African cat “the Serval”. Sit with Lemurs or go cage diving with Crocodiles.

Bird lovers should not miss a walk through the largest free flight bird aviary seeing multiple different bird species from all over the world. Some of these birds were previously kept as pets and now have the chance to fly freely with their same species through this huge aviary. Watch out for the very elusive and beautiful and indigenous Knysna Turaco.

Walk in a forest with 11 different species of free roaming monkeys & apes and watch them feed and groom each other and just be their normal mischievous selves in their own natural environment.and

Experience the forest on horse back. Follow an expert into the forest going through various terrains to see and hear some of natures creatures singing and chirping that would normally get missed when driving.

Visit an Ostrich farm, feed ostriches, feel the feathers and learn so much that there is to learn on an hour long tour. If you lucky you may even be able to hug an ostrich.

Ever wanted to get up close and interact with African Elephants, then this is the tour to do. See, hear and touch these magnificent Giants of the African Bushveld. See how incredibly gentle such large animals can be whilst you feed, walk and interact with them.

Time to face your fear or broaden your interest in snakes. On this tour you will see 10 of the Deadliest snakes of Southern Africa up close, as well as multiple other species of reptiles and even have the chance to touch and hold a large snake or lizard.

Adrenaline Adventures

Ziplining: The duration of this tour is 3 hours and you get to zipline 30 metres above the forest floor between ancient + – 700 year old Yellowwood trees magnificent tree ferns in an indigenous rainforest. There are 11 elevated platforms with ziplines of various different lengths and speeds. This truly is a breath taking view of nature from up above in this enchanting forest .


Stand up paddle boarding: The duration of this trip takes 2 to 3 hours. There is either a morning boat trip or an evening boat trip. Both trips head out to a certain point down a stunning river where the paddle boards are off loaded and you will get to paddle further down the river for about an hour or more and then back to the boat. The afternoon boat trip is exactly the same but it includes champagne and snacks before taking the boat ride back to the start.

Experience Bungy jump from one of the World’s highest Bridge bungys. The duration of this activity is + – 2 hours including kitting up and safety instructions. This jump is for all the adrenaline junkies as this will leave your adrenaline pumping for the rest of the day. Walk along a mesh bridge to jump and face your fears of height right from the start. Definitely not an activity for the feint-hearted.

Abseiling and Kloofing (canyoning): The duration of this tours is 2 hours long and is perfect for an outdoor adventure and loads of fun. You will get to abseil down the side of a mountain of about 22 meters high and then swim and walk down a river having various spots of different heights to jump into the water. This adventure includes a short Zip line down a water fall into the water below.

Segway tours through the beautiful indigenous forest. Duration 1 – 2 hours. These Segways are battery operated and self balancing so are very easy to operate. This tour is loads of fun for the whole family and includes a variety of information on the forests and even a trip to the a 1000 year old Outeniqua Yellowwood tree.

Kayaking and Lilo: The duration is of this tour is +- 3 hours. On this adventure you head out down a river in a kayak, one to two people per kayak on which you get to see ancient forests. Kayak under a suspension bridge up the river mouth enjoying nothing but peacefulness and the breath taking scenery. A shallow cave may be explored in the kayak, and then onto a lilo to float further down the gorge taking in the stunning views where kayaks can’t go.

Black water tubing: The duration of the trip takes 3 hours. On this trip you head down a river on an inflatable tube along side the dense natural indigenous forests seeing the tall and majestic giant Yellow wood trees and beautiful forest ferns. Time permitting this tour can also include a jump off a rock of about 6 to 8 meters high into the water and stand up paddle boarding.

Hiking: There are a variety of beautiful spots to choose from. But there are the two favourites. The one spot is about a 3 to 4 hour hike which is a hike through the Beautiful indigenous forests found within the Garden Route. Here you will be one with nature and see and hear the birds as well as other small creatures that naturally occur in the area that are not often seen. You will also see huge trees that are over hundreds of years old that are still thriving. This hike leads along a river that eventually leads up to a waterfall where one can relax and either take a swim or sit with just your feet dangling in the water.

The other hiking spot is about a 4 to 6 hour hike which is situated within a nature reserve with views over the Indian ocean throughout most of the hike. Here you will walk along some of the beautiful Fynbos vegetation seeing birdlife and animal life and the possibility to see whales or dolphins (in Season) or even the odd shoal of fish or a shark lurking along the sides. The walk leads to an area above a seal colony where you can watch them sleep, swim, play and interact with each other.

Ocean Adventures

Whale watching. Get close to whales and dolphins and watch how they behave in their natural environment whilst listening to interesting information about these amazing sea creatures. This activity is not to be missed but is only available in season from June to November when the Migratory species come to our shorelines to mate and calve. This tour is weather dependent and takes +/- 1.5 to 2 hours long.

Are you a lover of the ocean and of furry mammals. Then swimming with seals is just for you. Head out on a boat to visit a large colony of Cape Fur Seals. Put on your snorkel and flippers and jump into the water with these adorable, interesting animals hearing them communicate and play with each other.

Deep Sea fishing. Want to give deep sea fishing a try, or possibly add a new species to your catch list then head out into the beautiful Indian ocean with an experienced skipper and crew for fishing trip of a lifetime. The duration of this trip is 3 to 6 hours weather permitting.

Great White Sharks!! Come cage dive with one of the most feared creatures of the sea and get a chance to learn all the myths and truths about these incredible animals that have been roaming the Earth’s Oceans for more than 400 million years. See them up close swimming right past the cage or circling the boat.

Ever been on a marine safari. Head out on an eco marine boat tour and get to see the fascinating caves, coves plus see the Knysna heads from a different angle. Here you can experience some of the aquatic birdlife found along the shorelines as well as a good chance to see dolphins, seals and possibly even a penguin. This tour is weather dependent and takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

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